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Our mission is to demonstrate that physics is not for a select few, but can be enjoyed and understood by all that truly have an interest.

Our Concentrations

Physics B.S.

The general curriculum for the Physics B.S will prepare students to pursue careers in multiple science, engineering and data analysis fields as well as prepare them to enter into graduate school programs in Physics and related fields.

Degree Requirements

Physics B.S. (Medical Physics Concentration)

The Medical Physics concentration is designed to prepare students to enter graduate programs in medical physics. The concentration includes anatomy and physiology coursework which is its primary addition to the general physics curriculum. Medical Physics provides a career path for physicists to assist in the recovery and treatment of medical patients in hospital settings by means of their knowledge of radiation treatment and safety.

degree requirements

Physics B.S. (Physics Education Concentration)

The purpose of this concentration is to prepare students for careers in the teaching of physics at the public high school level. Students following this track would be expected to have an interest in completing a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) degree after graduation. Please visit our MAT program page for more information.

Degree Requirements

Physics B.S. (Dual Degree with Georgia Institute of Technology)

Through an agreement between Georgia College and the Georgia Institute of Technology, students may begin their college education in this exciting, challenging, creative and student-centered environment. The Dual Degree Program comprises three years of study at Georgia College and two years of study at Georgia Tech.

If students receive a good record in the Dual Degree courses, with particular emphasis on calculus and physics and receive a recommendation from the Dual Degree coordinator, their admittance to Georgia Tech is highly likely. However, the following point should be noted: At times, the enrollments in certain engineering majors at Georgia Tech reach a critical level, and Georgia Tech reserves the right to place very high entrance requirements in those majors for its own students as well as for transfers.

Degree Requirements

Key Benefits of this Degree

  • Our physics programs are designed to start from the very beginning of a student's understanding of physics. Our curriculum combined with a liberal arts approach can help you transition to other graduate programs or a successful career.
  • Our dual degree program with Georgia Tech ensures that you can experience the critical thinking and hands on experiences Georgia College & State University is known for followed by studying in Georgia Tech's prestigious engineering programs.
  • Take control of your learning experience by getting involved with our Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP) program. VIP enhances your learning by providing large-scale, long-term, hands on research experiences guided by our faculty experts.
  • Full-time freshman majoring in chemistry or physics and demonstrating financial need can apply for the NSF S-STEM scholarship and receive up to $8,000 a year towards a bachelors degree. (excludes pre-pharmacy program)
  • Physics majors are eligible for research and travel scholarships as part of our Physics Scholar program. Physics Scholars participate in mentored undergraduate research in one of several lab settings which include optics, acoustics, particle physics and photovoltaics labs and an astronomical observatory. All labs are supported by a machine shop in which students gain valuable machining skills as part of the curriculum.

What can my career look like with this degree?

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Kaylee Kallam

New program provides pathways for graduate school

GCSU’s first medical physics student lands full-tuition graduate program at the University of Tennessee. 

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