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Alex Taylor, 2020

Inside Volume 18 (August 2020)

Mark A. Noon

“Pigs in Space: Notes on Flannery O’Connor’s Pig Astronaut in ‘Revelation’”

Karl E. Martin

“Shutting Down the Open Road: Flannery O’Connor’s Influence on Bruce Springsteen’s Songwriting”

Huntley Hughes

“Fighting the World’s Overflow: Labor, Community, and Precarity in ‘The Displaced Person’”

Monica Carol Miller

“Converging: Reading Flannery O’Connor and Alice Walker in the Multimodal Classroom”

Grace Kisa


Rachel Arteaga

“Love, Joy, Sorrow: The Summa Theologica and the Devotional Writing of Flannery O’Connor”


Special Feature:

“Flannery O’Connor and Disability Studies”

Bruce Henderson, Guest Editor

Bruce Henderson


Connie Chen

“The Deaths of Bishop Rayber: Drowning Normalcy in The Violent Bear It Away

Sonya Freeman Loftis

“The Word and the Flesh: Reading (and Misreading) Disability in O’Connor”

Bruce Henderson

“Flannery O’Connor and the Romance of Disability: The Crip/Queer Fictions of Joseph Torchia

and Brad Watson”


Charles Puckett

“The Story Behind the Story: Vera ‘Pete’ Puckett”

Marshall Bruce Gentry

“Remembering Josephine Keese King”

Josephine Keese King


Betty Littleton

“Remembering Cecil Dawkins, 1927-2019”

Jean W. Cash

Review of Good Things Out of Nazareth: The Uncollected Letters of Flannery O’Connor and Friends

William A. Richards

Review of Bishop Robert Barron’s Fulton J. Sheen: The Communicator & Flannery O’Connor: The Storyteller in Catholicism: The Pivotal Players, Lorraine V. Murray’s portion of the Leader Guide to Flannery O’Connor: The Storyteller, and Flannery O’Connor’s Flannery O’Connor Collection

Rita Mae Reese

Review of E. Jane Doering and Ruthann Knechel Johansen’s When Fiction & Philosophy Meet: A Conversation with Flannery O’Connor & Simone Weil

Alison Staudinger

Review of Jerome C. Foss’s Flannery O’Connor and the Perils of Governing by Tenderness

Roger Stanley

Review of Thomism, Law, and Grace in the Fiction of Flannery O’Connor, a Special Issue of Listening: Journal of Communication Ethics, Religion, and Culture

Carole K. Harris

Review of William W. French’s Maryat Lee’s EcoTheater:  A Theater for the Twenty-First Century

Beauty Bragg

Review of Nagueyalti Warren’s Alice Walker’s Metaphysics: Literature of Spirit

Steven Trout

Review of David A. Davis’s World War I and Southern Modernism

Robert Donahoo

Review of Anders Walker’s The Burning House: Jim Crow and the Making of Modern America

Margaret Earley Whitt

Just a Suggestion for Mr. Guizac

Sarah Gordon


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