Department of History and Geography

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History and Geography and the Liberal Arts

History and Geography are essential to a liberal arts education and important to the education of persons in all walks of life. They prepare students for success in careers, for graduate school and to be well-rounded citizens of the world.

The department supports the mission of the university by providing courses for the core and by providing a wide range of history and geography courses in support of its majors and minors as well as for innovative certificate programs and courses that can be used as electives for many majors. These courses are also useful for students in other majors, especially those with plans to pursue careers in teaching. 

We also offer two innovative certificate programs; one in Global Foodways Studies and one in Geographic Information Science.

The History program provides students:

  • Engaged career-oriented opportunities with internships, faculty-led study abroad and undergraduate research
  • A keen understanding of the connections between past and present
  • A way to cultivate intellectual curiosity and enthusiasm for learning
  • The power to communicate effectively in writing and speaking

The Geography program provides students:

  • A way to study where human and natural phenomena intersect
  • A spatial perspective to analyze interactions between humans and their environment
  • Career-oriented ways to synthesize social, political, historical, economic, environmental biological data
  • Engaged learning opportunities with field work, internships and certifications.

Career resources for history and geography students: