Department of History and Geography

History and the Liberal Arts
History is an important part of a liberal education and important to the education of persons in all walks of life. A major in history prepares students for professional opportunities in many fields.

Wide Range of Courses
The department supports the mission of the university by providing courses for the core and by providing a wide range of history and geography courses in support of its majors and minors, as well as courses that can be used as electives for many majors. These courses are also useful for students in other majors, especially those with plans to pursue careers in teaching. 

The faculty includes scholars who have been honored for their teaching, research and contributions to public history. 

Department Mission

An education in history supports the aims of a liberal arts education. Through its offerings in the core, its majors, minors, and Master's degrees in history, and its major in geography, the Department of History and Geography has as its mission to provide students with the following: a working knowledge of past and place; an understanding of the connections of past and present; intellectual curiosity and enthusiasm for learning; an ability to conduct historical, and geographical research, to examine and analyze material critically, and to communicate knowledge and ideas effectively; preparation for advanced study and professional careers in history or other occupations; and the capacity for lifelong learning and responsible participation as citizens of today's world. Faculty members in the department seek to serve as excellent teachers and as role models of lifelong scholarly pursuit and community service. 

The study of history prepares one directly for many occupations and indirectly for many more. History majors often go into work related to history, such as teaching or administration at the secondary or college level or into work at historical societies, archives, museums, parks, or historical sites. Library work, government service, and many other areas not directly related to history are also open to history majors. History is an excellent background subject for those going into the law, the ministry, journalism and media work. Many business positions are open to history majors, especially those requiring breadth of knowledge, research and writing ability, and skill in organizing information.

The central mission of geographic education in the Geography Program at Georgia College is to develop in our students a comprehension of the spatial patterns and processes that influence life on Earth.  Our students are trained to recognize the interdependent physical, historical, and social causes of human and natural phenomena through the knowledge and application of spatial principles.  Students are able to relate geographic themes to human actions that affect our world.  Through spatial analysis, our students apply their understanding of biophysical processes, human settlement patterns, and cultural expression to promote global interconnectedness, solve environmental problems, and create secure local economies.  Our geographic education provides a broad-based, liberal arts and sciences experience that requires students to acquire knowledge, synthesize information, and cultivate critical thinking in a holistic, cross-disciplinary context.

Historians and Geographers are committed in principle and action to fostering diversity within and beyond the academy. To this end, the department acts for the inclusion of all who wish to join, participate, and have a voice in the work of the department. The department believes that today’s increasingly global interactions require concerted efforts to promote understanding, sensitivity, and respect for the range of cultures, abilities, and human identities as they have developed everywhere historically and in the present and it affirms the principles of equality, inclusivity and social justice for all the people of the world.


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