History B.A.

History supports the essential skills developed by a liberal education and is important to the education of persons in all walks of life. A degree in History prepares students for professional opportunities in many fields.

The Bachelor of Art in History provides students with a basic knowledge of selected areas of history, teaches students to think critically in analyzing historical issues, encourages them to write clearly and cogently on historical topics while conducting historical research and provides students with a basic understanding of history as a discipline.

The study of history prepares one directly for many occupations and indirectly for many more. History majors often go into work related to history, such as teaching or administration at the secondary or college level or into work at historical societies, archives, museums, parks or historical sites. Library work, government service and many other areas not directly related to history are also open to history majors. History is an excellent background subject for those going into the law, the ministry, journalism and media work. Many business positions are open to history majors, especially those requiring breadth of knowledge, research and writing ability and skill in organizing information.


Public History Concentration

A degree in History with a concentration in Public History prepares students for professional opportunities in many fields. The B.A. degree seeks to prepare students for careers in many fields, including teaching, and for further study in graduate and professional schools.


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