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Understanding the past to shape your future

Our B.A. in history provides students with unique, engaging opportunities to explore history through small classes covering a wider range of topics and themes. Our program teaches students to think critically in analyzing historical issues, encourages them to write clearly and cogently on historical topics, while conducting historical research and provides students with a basic understanding of history as a discipline.

Degree Requirements

Key benefits of this degree

  • Experience history come to life through our high impact practices such as our acclaimed Reacting to the Past teaching series.
  • Pursue a Global Foodways Certificate which is awarded in conjunction with a Bachelor's degree. A Global Foodways Certificate can help you find employment with government agencies dealing with food and agriculture issues, food-oriented non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and food processing, preparation, and distribution firms.
  • We also offer a Teacher education pathway that supports students interested in a teaching career.
  • Gain a deep understanding about Georgia's history, culture, and more by volunteering and participating in events at the Center for Georgia Studies.

What can my career look like with this degree?

Entry-Level Avg Salary
Different Career Options
Types of Employers
Elijah Lopez

From the big apple to the peach state

An internship shows senior Elijah Lopez, a senior history major, a new way of life.

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Career Paths for History Majors

History majors often go into work in many different career fields. Some career paths available to history majors are:

  • Teaching or administration at the secondary or college level or into work at historical societies
  • Archivist
  • Museum curators
  • Lawyer
  • Parks or historical sites employees.
  • Library work
  • Government service
  • Ministry and other religious opportunities
  •  Journalism and media work

Many other areas not directly related to history are also open to history majors.

There are even more career opportunities for students pursuing education in global foodways. Some of the many career paths available to our students are:

  • Documentary producer or director for food related films
  • Culinary tourism
  • Food studies academic careers
  • Food research and development
  • Work with farmers to bring their products to market
  • Work to support agricultural biodiversity, sustainability, and independent farming
  • Curate museum exhibits focused on food
  • Program coordinator, Community agencies like food banks
  • Community advocate for Non-profit food councils
  • Agricultural market research analyst
  • Social media-blogging, food-related online and print media, ‘influence marketing,’ and television

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