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Solve Social and Environmental Problems with Spatial Analysis

Learn essential geospatial skills to help explain our world by analyzing patterns to solve problems.  Geography integrates concepts from physical and social sciences as well as humanities to address current issues of local, national, and international importance.  

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Jhalen Reymoreno Billingslea

Updating Maps for First Responders and County Officials

Working under the the Geographic Information System (GIS) department for Baldwin County Public Administration, Jhalen Reymoreno Billingslea made an interactive web map that contains information on all roads within the county that fall under the jurisdiction of Baldwin County. 

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Career Paths for Geography Majors

Geographers and GISc Analysts are in demand, and employers in agriculture, forestry, environment and natural resources management, education, health, historical preservation, and urban planning are increasingly relying upon graduates with GISc skills and/or geographic knowledge to meet their needs.

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