Every year the Department of Psychological Science hosts an event we call "PSYC-CON."  At PSYC-CON, students present their original research in poster sessions, we display exemplary student work from courses, and student organizations from all over campus present information to attendees.  In addition, during the reception portion of PSYC-CON, an alum of the department offers words of wisdom gained from further graduate study or from career experience to current students in the form a brief speech.  We also recognize outstanding psychology students for a wide variety of achievements including:

  • Outstanding Freshmen
  • Outstanding Sophomores
  • Outstanding Juniors
  • Outstanding Seniors
  • Inclusive Excellence Award
  • Excellence in Community Service Award
  • Innovative Dissemination of Psyc Science Award
  • W.F. McDaniel Award for Outstanding Senior Research

Be on the lookout for the date of the next PSYC-CON.  We hope to see you there!



Dr. Bill McDaniel Research Project Award


  • The McDaniel Research Project Award is given to rising senior students to facilitate completion of an independent research project on a topic of their choosing. 


  • To be eligible for this award, students must be:
    • A rising senior (with at least 90 credits completed by the beginning of the Fall semester of the year the scholarship is awarded)

    • Planning to graduate the spring after the scholarship is awarded or later (Students graduating the December after the scholarship award is given will be excluded, as projects cannot be adequately completed in one semester)


  • The awardee is required to give a brief presentation about his/her research project at the next PSYC-CON.

Interested students should complete and submit an application, available here under the "Commonly Used Forms" section.

The award winner will be recognized at PSYC-CON.

Clyde E. Keeler Award

Dr. Clyde Keeler was Professor Emeritus of Biology at Georgia College. He served as instructor in Ophthalmological Research at the Harvard Medical School from 1927-1939 and as the curator of the Wistar Institute Genetic Colony at the University of Pennsylvania from 1939-1942. He came to Georgia College in 1945 and served as Professor of Biology until 1961. In 1961 Dr. Keeler became Medical Geneticist at Central State Hospital and from 1963-1973 he served as the Director of the Research Department.

In recognition of Dr. Keeler's interest in involving undergraduate students in scientific research, this cash award (which is split among the three departments described below) has been established to encourage faculty and students to incorporate the scientific method of controlled experimentation as a part of the educational experience at Georgia College.

A committee composed of the Department Chairperson, or his/her designee, from the Departments of Biological and Environmental Science, Chemistry and Physics, and Psychological Science will receive, until the end of the Fall semester, the written report of undergraduate research projects. Such projects must be experimental in nature and not primarily instructional laboratory exercises or individualized instruction in the organizational framework of an academic course. The format and style of the report should be that acceptable in the particular discipline for publication of an article in a peer-reviewed journal. The work itself may have been done any time within a two calendar year period prior to the Fall semester’s submission deadline and may or may not have been done while registered for academic credit in an independent study course. Although the submission of the report and the granting of the award might be made post-baccalaureate, the experimental work must have been completed while enrolled at Georgia College and under the supervision of Georgia College faculty.

The committee, in addition to evaluating submitted reports, may see fit to counsel with faculty and students to improve the acceptability of the report by continuation of the project and resubmission at a later date. In the event that no reports are deemed meritorious, the committee will recommend to the Alumni Association that the award dollars be added to the principal of the fund.

When a Psychology recipient is found, the award will be given at the Psychology Recognition Reception held each April. Additionally, recognition will be given at all institutional functions and in all publications where such recognition is deemed appropriate.

Dr. Bill McDaniel Scholarship Endowment

Bill McDaniel came to Georgia College in 1977 as an Assistant Professor of Psychology fresh from a Ph.D. program at the University of Georgia. After 33 years of service to Georgia College, Dr. Bill McDaniel is hanging up his academic cap, gown, and lab coat and paddling into retirement. In honor of his service to the university and his dedication to his students we are establishing an endowment in his honor to support undergraduate student scholarships and research.

Bill's tenure will leave a deep and positive stamp upon this university and the students he taught. We believe this endowment will serve as a fitting legacy for a professor who has impacted so many students through the years.