Psychology B.S.

student in classroom

The Department of Psychological Science provides high quality teaching, creates research opportunities and fosters close student-faculty mentorship. The program offers enthusiastic and innovative instruction by professors who teach courses in their specialty areas. Because this passion for psychology is sustained through active research and professional growth, the program supports outstanding research facilities and continued faculty development. Our curriculum encourages undergraduate students to fully explore the multidisciplinary field of psychological science. Through teaching, research, and mentorship we instill respect for multiple viewpoints and approaches, while inspiring intellectual curiosity and personal growth.

Students with a bachelor's degree in psychology have been employed in advocacy, administration, community relations, program development, research and evaluation, human resources, public relations, advertising, market research, teaching, retail and sales. Many students pursue postgraduate degrees in experimental psychology, social psychology, industrial/organizational psychology, school psychology, clinical psychology, counseling psychology, neuroscience, school and/or community counseling, social work, occupational therapy, law and medicine.