Department of Theatre & Dance FAQs & Career Information

GC Design Student Matt Riley
Georgia College Theatre & Dance production of Big Love
Georgia College Theatre & Dance production of Crowns
Georgia College Theatre & Dance production of Barbecue Load In

How do I apply to be a theatre major at Georgia College & State University?

What do I have to do to audition?

To audition for scholarships, visit our page on Scholarship Auditions and fill out the Scholarship Audition Application. Each production will have different requirements, but you can typically expect to perform a 60-90 second monologue. Information about show auditions are available prior to the audition dates

Are there opportunities for first year students to be onstage?

Absolutely! Many first year students are cast in leading and supporting roles.

Are there opportunities for a student to design or direct a show?

Yes. Many students begin by assistant designing and then go on to design mainstage shows. Students in the Lighting classes design for the Spring Dance Concert. Students who take Directing I and II will direct scenes for public performance and may consider directing for their Capstone project. Students have the opportunity to work in all aspects of theatre and dance production!

What is a capstone?

Capstones are the senior research project. As a junior, you apply for your capstone project after meeting with the Theatre faculty to discuss your options. Then you will have a chance to perform, direct, design, or research another area within theatre and create a portfolio of your work.