Theatre B.A.

students on stage in blue lighting

Students in the Bachelor of Arts in Theatre program are provided support and training as they concentrate their energies on theatre activities in a variety of ways. The program includes both practical training and the opportunity to explore the broader philosophical and social issues facing the world today.

Theatre skills include presentational skills needed by leaders in business, teachers, politicians and many other career professionals who deal in persuasion and consensus-building. Technical skills can be applied to all forms of dramatic presentation: television, film and staged productions of all kinds, including political rallies. It is the aim of the theatre program to provide students with the skills and intellectual competence that will lead to success in the world of theatre and the broader world of human interaction.

Our commitment to civic engagement leads us to work with the community in our teacher education and social change classes, perform at the Environmental Science Symposium and bring speakers on the topic of diversity to campus. Our universitywide project to internationalize the disciplines manifests itself in study abroad theatre programs, international speakers and  global theatre study with the goal of creating a responsible world citizenry.

In theatre, career opportunities include the following: acting; directing; technical work; playwriting and dramaturgy in professional and community venues and onstage or in television or film work; commercial and industrial acting, directing and technical work; teaching drama/theatre (secondary school, university or studio); arts management; presentation consultation in business settings; and commercial and architectural lighting design, interior design and fashion design. Students with a B.A. in Theatre also find meaningful employment in the theme park and cruise ship entertainment industry, in nonprofit organizations, law and even NASA's education outreach programs.