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Why Study a Foreign Language?

1. Competitiveness in the Job Market - Being fluent in another language not only looks great on a resume, putting you two steps ahead of your competition, but it also opens doors to employment opportunities that you never would have thought to explore.  Employers will view you as a very important contributor to the success of their business, especially on an international scale.  Bilingual employees are favored in a variety of professions ranging from health care and social work to education and law.

2.  Jobs in other Countries - Many students have a desire to travel and work when they graduate from college. There are many opportunities for careers working abroad - International law and/or business; film/movie productions;  Event planning; Hotel management; Tourist management/guide; Pet sitting (that's right pet sitting has become one of the hottest new jobs in European countries.)

3.  Educational Requirement - In today's world of education, all major universities require students to complete at least a year's worth of study in a foreign language to enhance their knowledge and educational experience. It has long been recognized the value of expanded views that include knowledge of a foreign language and culture.

4. Graduate School - There are some "A-list" graduate schools that require a higher level of proficiency in a foreign language in order to be admitted into certain programs such as comparative literature and music studies.

5.  Personal Enjoyment - The very first time you are able to carry on a real conversation in a new language gives you a great sense of achievement and satisfaction. Learning about the unique traditions and interesting parts of a new culture is exciting and fun.

Bottom line- learning a new language will open your mind to new ideas and broader points of view. So, what are you waiting for? Just do it! Full speed ahead into your future. 

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