WLC French Lithography

French Minor requirements

In addition to courses required in areas A-E, students minoring in WLC will complete:

9 hours of language courses need to be taken within the target language: 1001-2002 level in French

12-18 hours from this selection of classes: 1001 to 2002 level in German or Italian; ARTS 1105, ENGL 2110, ENGL 2160, GEOG 1002, HIST 1131, HIST 1132, IDST 2305, IDST 2310, PHIL 2010, POLS 2401, RHET 1110, or SOCI 1121.  **

Target Language requirements: FREN 3010 and FREN 3020 plus one additional class at the 3000 or 4000 level

**Courses not listed may be considered with the approval of the Departmental Chair and student’s advisor.