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The Center for Economic Education is an affiliate of the Georgia Council on Economic Education and the National Council on Economic Education.  The purposes of the Center are:

  • To aid teachers in teaching economic and personal finance by conducting in-service and pre-service programs in education.
  • To coordinate economic education efforts with local civic groups, chambers of commerce, and other groups interested in economic education.
  • To act as a source of materials and speakers on the topic of economic education.  A library of curriculum guides, films, and other materials is housed in Atkinson Hall on the Georgia College & State University campus and is available for public use. 


MYB Presentation

The Minority Youth & Business Program (MYB), initiated at Georgia College & State University (GCSU) in 1985, aims to boost minority involvement in higher education and entrepreneurship. Supported by the University System of Georgia Board of Regents, MYB offers a week-long curriculum, primarily targeting minority high school students, to impart entrepreneurial fundamentals and business ownership skills. Facilitated by the collaboration between the Bunting College of Business’s Center for Economic Education and the Office of Institutional Equity and Diversity, MYB also fosters self-awareness, self-esteem, and networking among participants. Through campus visits, residence hall stays, dining experiences, and interactions with faculty, staff, and peers, MYB introduces students to college life alongside entrepreneurship education.

MYB's immersive experience at GCSU features workshops conducted by faculty, staff, students, and business leaders. Covering topics such as business startup, market dynamics, personal and business finance, management, marketing, public speaking, and career development, the program also guides students in college selection and life goal setting. Supported by role models and volunteers from GCSU and the business community, including participants from Minority Advising Program (SOAR) and the National Pan-Hellenic Council, MYB provides a supportive environment free of charge to its participants, aiming to empower and equip minority youth for success in both academia and entrepreneurship.

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Minority Youth in Business Brochure 2

2024 Georgia College Minority Youth and Business Program "The Road to Entrepreneurship" June 16-22, 2024

Deadline: May 3rd, 2024
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Center for Economic Education

Dr. John Swinton

Dr. John Swinton

Professor of Economics, Director of Center for Economic Education
416 Atkinson Hall

University Of Wisconsin Madison, Economics, 1996

University Of Wisconsin Madison, Economics, 1991

Oberlin College, Economics, 1986

Research Areas

Economic Education, Environmental economics, Economics of superheros

rui kang

Dr. Rui Kang

Associate Director
(478) 445-0512