How to Meet with a Counselor

GCSU Mental Health 24/7 Emotional Support Line 833 855 0085 - Students can speak to a counselor 24/7 for in the moment support for large or small concerns.   


To protect your privacy, please refrain from including sensitive information in emails.

CRISIS Situations: 

If you call Counseling Services about a crisis situation during our office hours, tell us it is a crisis, and someone will see you immediately for a safety assessment. Examples of a crisis include thoughts of harming yourself or others, a recent traumatic experience or a recent loss.    How to get help in an emergency.


In addition to GCSU Counseling Services, students can receive free counseling at by using the service key GCSUSTUDENT and selecting the “University System of Georgia LiveHealth Online StudentTeletherapy” tile.   Students typically receive an appointment within a few days.   

Students can also receive free psychiatric services through FasPsych by calling 866-639-3938 or emailing     Students typically receive an appointment within 5 days.    

For information about resources for mental health support in the community visit "Where Else Can I Get Support".