How to Meet with a Counselor

Students can meet with a counselor in person or via telehealth (video conferencing)


To protect your privacy, please refrain from including sensitive information in emails.

CRISIS Situations: 

If you call Counseling Services about a crisis situation during our office hours, tell us it is a crisis, and someone will see you immediately for a safety assessment. Examples of a crisis include thoughts of harming yourself or others, a recent traumatic experience or a recent loss.   After hours call the GC 24/7 Support Line at 833 855 0085 or GC Public Safety at 478 445 5331, 


Students can speak to a counselor 24 hours per day and be referred to counseling and psychiatric services in the community by calling the GC 24/7 Support Line at 833 855 0085.   For more information about options visit or "Where Else Can I Get Support".