Academic Affairs Small Grants Program

Academic Affairs Small Grant Program

The Academic Affairs Small Grants Program provides seed funding up to $5,000 for faculty research projects.  Funds can be used for supplies, equipment, software, or travel expenses incurred in carrying out the research. Faculty Research Grant Committee members individually read and rank research proposals using a rubric to make funding decisions. The calls for proposals are every fall and spring semester.

Call for Academic Affairs Small Grants

The call for research grant proposals for 2023 Round I opens September 1, 2023 with a deadline of September 15, 2023 at 5:00 p.m. EST.  Applicants should read the guidance provided by Academic Affairs. Review the Faculty Research Grant rubric, the Creative Endeavor Grant rubric, and the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Grant rubric for more information. Once the applicant has her/his materials ready to submit, please log into GeorgiaVIEW/D2L, click on the Self Registration menu option, find the 2023 Academic Affairs Small Grants Program course.  Be sure to complete the self-registration for the course. Submission instructions and forms to upload your materials are in the course announcements.  

For assistance, contact, or call (478)445-2520

Fall 2023 Submission Timeline

Application Open: September 1, 2023 to September 15, 2023 @ 5:00 p.m. EST
Committee review of proposals: October 5, 2023
Proposal decisions submitted to Provost's office: October 6, 2023
Notification letters distributed to applicants: October 10, 2023
Award Lasts Until:  November 1, 2024 (All funds must be expended by May 1, 2024)
Project Period: Up to one calendar year
Preliminary Reports Due by: May 1, 2024
Final Reports Due by: November 1, 2024

Submitting Preliminary Reports

Faculty who have received grants will need to submit a preliminary (six-month) Research Grant Report. This report should summarize your activities and progress toward the achievement of your research objectives and will provide information for the Faculty Research Grant committee. Acceptance of this award constitutes your agreement to have your proposal and report shared with committee members. The report should contain the following:

• Summary of results during the course of the project and how they addressed the Seed Funding program goals.
• Budget report outlining utilization of funds and details of any expenditure(s) outside the approved budget.
• Resulting publications, performances, conferences, exhibits, including titles, dates, venues, and bibliographic information.
• Progress in applying for external funding, including titles, agencies, date submitted (past and future), amounts requested, status, and awarded amount. You are encouraged to meet with Donna Douglas, Interim Director of the Office of Grants and Sponsored Projects, to identify potential funding sources.
• Recognition: awards, honors, prizes, and reviews.

Preliminary reports should be submitted through this survey link:

Submitting Final Reports

Faculty who have received grants will need to submit final reports by November 1 for Round I grants and May 1 for Round II grants. The following conditions will need to be met:

  1. All expenditures from this award must follow Georgia College’s e-procurement, purchasing, and travel procedures. It is your responsibility to process your travel expenses and to enter all purchase requests into the e-pro system. All computer and software purchases must be approved by IT through Travel expense statements are to be entered into the system. You must maintain records in your research file.
  2. Any equipment purchased will remain the property of Georgia College. During the active life of your project, you will have priority use of this equipment.
  3. Any funds not encumbered or spent by May 1 (Round I) or November 1 (Round II), will be returned to the Faculty Research Grants Committee for reallocation.
  4. Submit a copy of the final report to OGSP(

The final report template can be found here.

Academic Affairs Small Grants Program Committee Members

The following faculty members serve on the Academic Affairs Small Grants Program Committee.  They spend time and effort examining each application and determining who should be funded.  Their efforts help make this process stronger.

Name Department Term Role
Angela Roberts Health Sciences 2021-2024 Member
Valeka Holt Arts & Sciences 2019-2022 Member
David Zoetewey Arts & Sciences 2019-2022 Member
Bob Duesing Business 2021-2024 Member
John Swinton Business 2019-2022 Member
Liz Speelman Heath Sciences 2019-2022 Member
Bill Risch Arts & Sciences 2019-2022 Chair - Spring 2021
Jessamyn Swan Library 2022-2025 Member
Hiller Crook Education 2019-2022 Member
Karynne Kleine Education 2021-2024 Member
Jim Berger Center for Teaching & Learning   Ex-officio
Dana Gorzelany-Mostak Center for Teaching & Learning   Ex-officio
Spring 2023 Round II Recipients
Faculty Name Title Award Amount Grant Type
Andrew Allen Sigurd Raschèr in the United States: 1940-1945 $2,175.00 FRG
Kevin Hunt, Lisa Griffin, Candice Griffeth Exercise is Medicine: An Assessment of Early Onset Osteopenia and Osteoporosis in College Aged Individuals $5,000.00 FRG
Hasitha Mahabaduge Development of Solid-State Detectors for CubeSat Satellite Missions $5,000.00 FRG
Bruce Snyder South Georgia Millipede Survey $5,000.00 FRG
Ellen France Identification of novel interactor of Sec6 protein via Yeast Genetic Screen $4,954.00 FRG
Joanne Spalding Analysis of the Physical and Positional demands of an NCAA DII Women’s Soccer Season with Measures of External and Internal Load $4,984.00 FRG
Stephanie Jett & Laurie Peebles Sights and Sounds of Veteran Identity: The Use of Photovoice Technique and Lyric Analysis in a Community-Based Participatory Action Research Framework $4,998.00 FRG
Benjamin (Chad) Whittle & Christina C. Smith Local Media Start-Up: Baldwin County High School Podcasting Club $3,030.00 CEG

FRG = Faculty Research Grant, CEG = Creative Endeavor Grant, SOTL = Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Grant

Previous Grant Recipients

fall 2022 round i recipients

Faculty Name Grant Title Award Amount Grant Type
Dana Gorzelany-Mostak Songs of Political Persuasion: Hearing Music on the U.S. Presidential Campaign Trail, 1840-1918 $3,700.00 CEG
David Weese Ecological Succession in Macroinvertebrate Communities Following a Volcanic Eruption $4,406.89 FRG
David Zoetewey Understanding the Structural Mechanism of SARS-CoV2 Membrane Fusion During Infection $5,000.00 FRG
Kasey Karen Potential Roles of the Proteins E4 11k and Ddx6 in RIG-I-dependent Interferon Activation in an Adenovirus Infection $5,000.00 FRG
Natalie Toomey Individual Differences and Multimedia Learning $5,000.00 SOTL
Sandra Trujillo Ravenna Mosaic Project $4,976.00 CEG

FRG = Faculty Research Grant, CEG = Creative Endeavor Grant, SOTL = Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Grant

Spring 2022 Round II Recipients

First Name Last Name Grant Name Award Amount
Arnab Sengupta Regulation of mRNA translation in cancer genes  $5,000.00 
Andrei Barkovskii Emerging waterborne Vibrio pathogens: method development $4,947.00
Sarah Myers Athletic Training Student Perceptions of Standardized Patient Post Encounter Feedback $4,800.00
Dominic DeSantis Revisiting the energetics hypothesis: can accelerometer recording reveal hidden variation in the movement behavior of secretive species? $5,000.00
Kim Muschaweck Special Education Teacher Mentoring, Instructional Coaching, & Professional Development Project $5,000.00
Ruben  Yepes-Munoz Art and Covid-19 Crisis in Latin America $5,000.00
Andrea Christoff Who are we? Exploring the civic possibilities of Washington DC $3,562.00
Owen Lovell "Aaron Copland's 1930 'Piano Variations': a video reference recording" $1,875.00
Tina Holmes-Davis Center for Music Education at Georgia College $3,600.00
Sajad Amini Intelligent UX in Graphic Design, Human-computer interaction using CV $4,977.00

Fall 2021 Round I Recipients

First Name Last Name Grant Name Award Amount
Hasitha Mahabaduge Design and Fabrication of a Smart, Passive Greenhouse  $5,000.00 
Richard Adams Harnessing artificial intelligence, evolutionary biology, and robust undergraduate training to solve an apparent paradox of evolutionary inference $5,000.00
Jennifer Piazza-Pick Whistling Hens: Creating an Equitable, Sustainable Future for Women Composers $5,000.00
Tsu-Ming Chiang Helping Parents Provide Emotional Coaching to Children in Pandemic Times $3,270.00
James Daria The Garinagu in Georgia: Garifuna Migration, Displacement, and Diaspora from Central America to the US Southeast $4,975.00
Gregory Glotzbecker Curation of the Georgia College Fish Collection $3,344.00
Chika Unigwe Leaving Meshach $5,000.00


spring 2021 Round II Recipients

First Name Last Name Grant Name Award Amount
Daniel Burt Increasing the Use of Poultry Litter in Georgia: Isolation and Characterization of Poultry Liter Urease-Producing Bacteria for Construction Remediation/Detection and Survival of Fusarium Species in Georgia's Agricultural Soils  $4,900.00 
Angela Criscoe Soundscapes, Audio Dramas, and Foley, Oh My! From Concept to Distribution $2,098.00
Mehrnaz Khalaj Hedayati The Role of Digitization in Knowledge Creation: A Case of Hospice Industry $4,925.00
Jinkyung Park Effects of Different Time-Restricted Eating Schedules with Exercise on the Body Composition in Overweight Adults $4,925.00
Damian Francis Assessing blight and community assets in rural underserved communities in Georgia $4,745.00


Fall 2020 Round I Recipients

First Name Last Name Grant Name Award Amount
Alfred  Mead Using stable isotopic signatures in late Pleistocene alligator teeth to interpret prevailing environmental conditions in Georgia 20,000 years ago  $1,325.00 
Laura  Whitlock Beyond the Dome  $5,000.00 
Katie Stumpf Detection and description of nest predation on Black-cheeked Ant Tanager nests on the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica  $4,985.00 
Hasitha Mahabaduge Investigating Magnetic Properties of Semiconductor Thin Films  $5,000.00 
Jessamyn Swan The Seventh Circle Chronicles: Documenting Milledgeville's Lesbian Community  $4,936.00 


Spring 2020 Round II Recipients

First Name Last Name Grant Name Award Amount
Dominic  DeSantis Validating an automated classification system for snake movement behavior: refining and extending the radio telemetry-accelerometry framework  $5,000.00 
Aurora  Castillo-Scott Cross-Cultural Competence through Virtual Exchange Programs  $1,600.00 
Sterling Roberts Validating Senior and Graduate Nursing Students Educating Junior Learners Utilizing Mid-fidelity Simulation: Implementing and Testing of the CJMM Theoretical Framework  $5,000.00 
William Daniel Holcombe Center for Dalinian Studies: Research Completion for First Monograph  $5,000.00 
Ashleigh Ikemoto Examining the Proposed Spanish Conquest of China, 1565- 1610  $1,701.00 
Dave Bachoon Molecular Detection of Pathogenic Leptospira in Rivers and Lakes of Georgia  $5,000.00 
Dana  Gorzelany-Mostak Trail Trax 2.020: Tracking the Electoral Soundscape  $2,960.00 
Kasey Karen Characterizing the impact of an adenovirus infection on cellular P-bodies  $4,955.00 
Matthew Forrest Program Development & Residency for Artists with Special Needs  $4,950.00 


Fall 2019 Round I Recipients

First Name Last Name Grant Name Award Amount
Andrei Barkovskii Impact of aquaculture technique and post-harvest treatment on Vibrio pathogens in diploid and triploid oysters: targeting Vibrio in oysters meat and their environment  $   4,850.00 
Tsu-Ming Chiang Promoting Young Children’s Social Emotional Skills   $   2,640.00 
Emily J. Gomez Cumberland Island: Land, Water, Wind, and Light  $   3,213.20 
Debbie Greene Impact of TeamSTEPPS Training and Simulations on BSN Student Communication and Teamwork Skills  $   4,435.00 
Hasitha Mahabaduge High Efficiency Flexible Cadmium Telluride Solar Cells  $   2,500.00 
Wathsala Medawala A Salivary Hormonal Study to Evaluate Socio-economic Risk Factors of Prostate Cancer among African Immigrants  $   2,942.00 
Christine Mutiti Investigating the cause of tree mortality on Sapelo Island, Georgia  $   5,000.00 
Sandra Trujillo ARTAIC Custom Mosaic  $   5,000.00 

Spring 2019 Round II Recipients

First Name Last Name Department Grant Name Award Amount


Milnes Biological and Environmental Sciences The Effects of a Common Pesticide Metabolite on Alligator Sex  $   4,999.00 
Ellen France Biological and Environmental Sciences Identification of Novel Interactors of SEC6 Via Genetic Suppressor Screen Using a Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Genomic DNA Library   $   2,500.00 
Valeka Holt Theatre and Dance Did You Take Your CLOMID?: A One Woman Show  $   4,036.00 
Jennifer Goldsberry Nursing Supplemental Instruction and BSN Student Success  $   5,000.00 
Dana Gorzelany-Mostak Music Trail Trax 2.020: Tracking the Electoral Soundscape  $   2,697.00 
Stephanie Opperman History and Geography Isabel Kelly Biography (Book Proposal)  $   3,979.00 
TeaYoun Kim-Kassor Art Shibori Workshops in Japan  $   4,998.00 
Kim Youngmi Music Two Solo Recitals in Europe  $   4,921.00 


Fall 2018 Round I Recipients

First Name Last Name Department Grant Name Award Amount
Christopher Burt Biological and Environmental Sciences The Effect of an Acidified-Gypsum Mixture on Broiler Litter Urease Producing Bacteria and Nitrogen Mineralization  $  4,800.00 
Jacob Grazer Health and Human Performance Training Load Quantification in Division II Collegiate Athletes  $  4,385.00 
Debbie Greene Nursing Impact of TeamSTEPPS Training and Simulations on BSN Student Communication and Teamwork Skills  $  5,000.00 
Doreen Sams Management, Marketing, and Logistics Brand Communities in the Nonprofit Sector  $  4,999.00 
Katie Stumpf Biological and Environmental Sciences Population genetics of two Tryannid flycatchers: Eastern Phoebes and Southwestern Willow Flycatchers  $  4,964.00 
Sandra Trujillo Art Impronta Workshop, Mexico  $  4,798.00 

Spring 2018 Round II Recipients

First Name Last Name Department Grant Name Award Amount
Valerie Aranda Art Women Artists of the Mexican Mural Movement  $    4,211.00 
Carrie Cook Government & Sociology Experiences with Inmate Misconduct and Victimization among an Incarcerated Jail Population  $    1,838.00 
Glynnis Haley Nursing Development of a RE-AIM Course for Nursing Success at Georgia College & State University  $    1,082.00 
Tina Holmes-Davis Music More Able Than Dis . . .   $    5,000.00 
Gretchen Ionta Biological and Environmental Sciences Determination of Ploidy Level and Nuclear Content in Meadow Beauties (Rhexia; Melastomataceae) Via Flow Cytometry  $    4,824.00 
Matthew Milligan Philosophy & Liberal Studies The Economic Growth of Buddhism in Sri Lanka 300 BCE to 300 CE  $    5,000.00 
Amanda Reinke Government & Sociology  Faculty and Student Perceptions of GC2Y Effectiveness  $    2,075.00 
Scott Butler Butler Health and Human Performance  
Peter Rosado-Flores Chemistry, Physics, and Astronomy  Chemistry in Art: Understanding the Connection Between Art and Chemistry  $    1,065.00 
Gennady Rudkevich Government & Sociology Explaining Regional-Level Variation in the Results of Russian Federal Elections  $    1,225.00 


Fall 2017 Round 1 Recipients

First Name Last Name Department Grant Name Award Amount
Abraham Abebe Art Guzo-Journey: A Collection of Poems and Short Stories  $  1,409.00 
Elissa Auerbach Art Spiritual Pilgrimage in Early Modern Dutch Visual Culture  $  1,378.00 
Stephen Auerbach History and Geography Enlightenment, Revolution, and Rebellion in Provincial Bordeaux, 1750–1793  $  1,378.00 
Dave Bachoon Biological and Environmental Sciences Molecular Detection of Bacterial Pathogens in Fecal Samples of Feral Pigs in Georgia  $  2,500.00 
Jennifer Flaherty English and Rhetoric The Ophelia Agenda: Folger Shakespeare Seminar and Research in London Archives  $  3,281.00 
Brittney Hardin Health and Human Performance Implementing Standardized Patients to Teach Cultural Competency to Athletic Training Students  $  1,270.00 
Mandy Jerriel Health and Human Performance  
Ashok Hegde    Biological and Environmental Sciences Mechanism of Rpt6 Nuclear Translocation in Saccharomyces Cerevisiae  $  4,997.24 
Ellen France Biological and Environmental Sciences  
Kevin Hunt Health and Human Performance Exploring the Effects of Service Learning in the Kinesiology Curriculum:  An assessment of Student Self-Efficacy, Empathy, and Learning  $  3,898.53 
Nathan Lord Biological and Environmental Sciences Next-Generation Student Training for Next-Generation Science  $  4,200.00 
Deborah MacMillan Nursing Try To See It My Way: Patient Perspective Video Capture Debriefing in Simulation  $  4,394.70 
Hasitha Mahabaduge Chemistry, Physics, and Astronomy Impact of Students’ Signature Work on Employability  $     500.00 
David Weese Biological and Environmental Sciences Revealing Cryptic Diversity in an Endemic Crayfish of Georgia (Procambarus lunzi) Using Molecular Genetics  $  4,470.00 

Fall 2016 Round I & Spring 2017 Round II Recipients

First Name Last Name Department Grant Name Award Amount
Dean Baker Nursing SBIRT Project  $     2,900.00 
Andrei Barkovskii Biology and Environmental Sciences Analysis of Vibrio, Shigella, and Salmonella Pathogens in Georgia Sites Proposed for Oyster Aquaculture  $     3,200.00 
Scott Butler Health and Human Performance Condom Express: A Mail-in Condom Delivery Program at College Campuses  $     2,581.00 
Tsu-Ming Chiang Psychology Emotional Coaching for Autistic Spectrum Characteristics Children  $     1,200.00 
Nicole DeClouette Teacher Education Teacher Education, Cross-Cultural Diversity in Special Education (Tanzania)  $     1,259.96 
Peggy Elliott World Languages & Cultures Channeling Enlightenment Love: The Letters of Marie Le Prince de Beaumont (1711-80)  $     4,943.00 
Allen Gee English and Rhetoric At Little Monticello: a biography of James Alan McPherson  $     3,813.15 
Kevin Hunt and Health and Human Performance Promoting Global Health Awareness Through Community-based Engaged Learning in San Ignacio, Belize  $     4,992.69 
Emily Simonavice Health and Human Performance  
Monica Ketchie Nursing Nurses' Attitudes, Beliefs, and Barriers Toward Physiologic Birth  $     3,964.50 
Hasitha Mahabaduge Chemistry, Physics, and Astronomy Spectrometer System for Sputter Deposition Monitoring  $     5,000.00 
Amanda Reinke Government & Sociology Policy-Drive Restorative Justice Implementation in Virginia  $     1,201.00 
Bruce Snyder Biology and Environmental Sciences Constructing a Preliminary Phylogeny of the Native Earthworm Genus Diplocardia  $     4,978.00 
Katie Stumpf Biology and Environmental Sciences Avian Community Analysis at Lake Laurel Research Station  $     4,990.00 
Allison VandeVoort Biology and Environmental Sciences Investigating the Long-term Impacts of Agriculture on Andalusia Farm Soil: A Soil of Historical, Agricultural, and Literary Importance  $     5,000.00