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Public Health 
Undergraduate training in public health provides an interdisciplinary set of content and skills that are readily applicable and transferable to many professions and post-graduate educational opportunities.  Graduates of the program may seek advanced Public Health degrees at other institutions in the state but will also be prepared for entry-level positions in governmental public health agencies, community health organizations, non-profit organizations, corporate wellness programs, and healthcare settings.  

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Exercise Science
Graduates in the B.S. in Exercise Science major are qualified for entry level and managerial positions in corporate, hospital, government, school and private health and fitness programs. Graduates will also be qualified to take several American College of Sports Medicine and National Strength and Conditioning Association certification examinations. Students will also be qualified to pursue to graduate degrees in exercise science (both research and clinically based). Graduates will also have a sufficient knowledge base to be strong applicants for physical therapy, physician's assistant, and medical school.

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Athletic Training
Graduates from the B.S. in Athletic Training program are qualified to sit for the Board of Certification exam. Opportunities exist for employment as certified Athletic Trainers (ATC) in high schools, colleges/universities, sports medicine clinics and rehabilitation centers, hospitals, wellness/fitness centers, or corporate/industrial, or other emerging practice settings. To learn more about a career in athletic training, visit these resources:

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