FAQ's for the School of Health and Human Performance

When can I begin an academic program?
You can declare a major in Public Health, Exercise Science, or Outdoor Education your freshman year. Athletic Training has an admission process after 60 hours of course work. 

When can I apply for an academic program in the School of Health and Human Performance? 
There is no application process for any programs except Athletic Training. You can declare a major at any time. It will be incumbent upon you to maintain your GPA and mandatory course grades to remain in a program. For Athletic Training pre-major students, you must apply in the spring of each year. Normally announcements about the application process are made in an Area F kinesiology course, at which time the course instructor will provide students with detailed information. 

Can I get into and remain in the program with a GPA less than 2.75? 
A 2.75 GPA is required for admission and retention into all academic programs in the School of Health and Human Performance. Programs are competitive, with the GPA being one factor that is taken into account. A GPA of 2.75 is the minimum requirement for programs but does not guarantee acceptance to or retention in a major.

Are any of your degree programs offered online or via distance education? 
The School of Health and Human Performance believes in the value of student-faculty and student-student interaction in the learning environment. Many of our courses are web-enhanced but it is not possible to receive a degree or complete major program requirements via online or distance education.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Undergraduate Applicants Transferring to GCSU Health and Human Performance Programs

How will I know if general education core credits will transfer?
Transfer courses that are applicable to the general education core are assessed by the Registrar. DegreeWorks is our online assessment program that lists all general education, Area F (pre-requisite to a major), and major requirements - along with courses that you have passed at an acceptable grade that satisfy a requirement or may be listed as potential elective courses. 

We require all potential students to complete a "School of Health and Human Performance Transfer Assessment" with an advisor in the major area to which the student will apply. This process helps us and a student to plan a realistic program of study and to identify pre-requisite requirements that must be complete prior to application to a program.  

Will I need any other courses besides those in Areas A through E? Yes, you will need the courses to complete specific to the major in Area F.  As well, some of our programs of study suggest specific courses Areas A-E classes to ensure that pre-requisites to subsequent classes that are required in the major are in place. Review the Program of Studies checklist linked to the specific academic program you are interested in on this website.

If I already have a degree, will all of my courses transfer? 
Degree works will note courses that are transferable to the general education core and other courses that may be used with the permission of the academic department in which the major resides.  

Are there any other requirements? 
Yes, you may need to take the Regents' Test and/or the US and Georgia History Tests.  Note that these requirements must be completed before a student completes 30 credit hours (non-transfer students) or before making application to our programs.