Kinesiology/Physical Education M.A.T.

The Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) degree in Kinesiology/Physical Education provides initial teacher preparation at the master's degree level for qualified candidates who hold a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution in a related discipline such as Kinesiology, Exercise Science, Health Promotion, Outdoor Education, Human Performance, etc. The degree program is designed for college graduates whose undergraduate degrees did not include coursework or learning experiences necessary to meet CAEP/NASPE national accreditation standards and the Georgia Performance Standards in health and physical education necessary for Health and Physical Education P-12 teacher certification. Successful completion of the M.A.T. program leads to a T-5 Georgia Teacher Certification.

Students who complete the M.A.T. in Kinesiology/Physical Education from GC must be recommended to the Georgia Professional Standards Commission for initial certification. The final recommendation for initial certification is a responsibility of the College of Education.

The program requires 36 semester hours of selected graduate course work. The program is designed as a one-year, full-time experience, which ideally begins in the summer semester and is completed during the following fall and spring semesters. It is possible to complete the program on a part-time basis, but the number of semesters necessary for completion of the course work would be extended since the courses must be taken in sequential order. If enrolled in the program on a part-time basis, a minimum of six credit hours must be completed per semester sequentially while under the direction of a graduate faculty advisor.

The M.A.T. Kinesiology/Physical Education is offered in a cohort model. Teacher candidates enter together as a group. They take courses and complete field activities over a specified period of time. Each cohort group of candidates is guided during the period of study by a professor skilled in advising, supervising, and implementing best teaching practices.

M.A.T. Kinesiology/Physical Education students will be prepared to:

1.  Demonstrate the application of basic and advanced principles in motor skill acquisition in the instruction in physical education and health at all grade levels.
2.  Demonstrate proficiency in utilizing a variety of teaching styles applicable to student learning styles during individual and group instruction.
3.  Effectively design and administer P-12 physical education and coordinated school health programs.
4.  Analyze and reflectively develop effective teaching behavior in the planning, implementation, evaluation, and modification of instruction.
5.  Demonstrate the ability to conduct age/stage appropriate physical education and health learning outcomes assessment and evaluation at all grade levels.
6.  Apply research and appropriate analytical techniques in an effort to improve physical education and health instruction in P-12 school settings.

Degree Requirements

MAT in Kinesiology: Physical Education Admission Prerequisites & Criteria

Admission Criteria

  • Letter of application indicating why you have chosen a career in teaching physical education. 
  • Your teaching or professional philosophy, and how the program of study you are applying will meet your career goals;
  • Current resume; copies of any relevant, current training certificates or certification cards;
  • Names, phone numbers and email addresses of at least three references;
  • Create a MyPSC account and confirm Georgia College as the program provider found at Georgia College will submit these forms to the Georgia Professional Standards Commission (PSC) to request a Pre-Service Certificate. The PSC does not charge a fee for these forms, which give the PSC permission to perform a background check.
  • Complete the Educator Ethics for Program Entry GACE 350 found at  
  • SAT, ACT, Or GRE scores must meet the following minimum requirements or you must take and successfully pass the GACE Program Admission Assessment (Basic Skills) [KH2] (200, 201, & 202) with a minimum score of 250 on each of the three sections:
    • SAT- minimum required score= 1000 (with no minimum verbal score or math required.) The composite score is obtained by adding the Verbal and Math scores. Candidates must take both the Verbal and the Math sections of the test. Note: You can use the verbal portion of the SAT from one testing session and add it to the Math portion from another testing session in order to exempt the GACE Basic Assessment.
    • ACT - minimum score = 43 (English score + Math Score) Candidates must take both the English and Math sections of the test.
    • GRE - minimum score = 297.
  • Candidates for the MAT PE Program must also complete the Pre-Service Application Package. The affidavit for Verification of Legal Presence (included in the packet) must be completed with a notary public.
  • A copy of the identification document (usually a GA driver’s license) also needs to be included with the other completed materials in the packet. 

Admission Prerequisites

  1. GCSU students who have earned the PE minor have satisfied all prerequisite requirements.
  2. GCSU students who have NOT earned the PE minor, or applicants from other institutions, must satisfy the following:
  • Required 15 hours of coursework
    • Behavioral Statistics, Measurement & Evaluation, or Research Methodology.
    • Personal Health and Fitness, Health/Exercise Promotion, Exercise Leadership, or a similar in-depth Fitness/Wellness course.
    • Anatomy, Structural Kinesiology, or a similar Anatomical Kinesiology/Movement analysis course.
    • Motor Behavior, Motor Learning, Motor Control, or a similar integrated course in Psychomotor Development & Learning.
    • Skill Analysis, Coaching Course with a certification or licensure, Collegiate Coaching or Playing experience. 
  • Required 3 hours of elective coursework
    • Exercise Physiology.
    • Exercise Biochemistry.
    • Prevention and Care.
    • Developmental Psychology or Human Development.
    • Strength & Conditioning,
    • Biomechanics.
    • Exercise Testing.
    • Exercise Prescription. 
    • Outdoor Education Group Development.
    • Outdoor Education Living Skills
  • First Aid/CPR certification must be current, and ARC or AHA endorsed.

Documentation required by specific program areas may be sent by email attachment directly to the office of admissions,,, or by regular mail to the School of Health and Human Performance (attn: Graduate Studies).

Potential graduate students seeking to be considered for a graduate assistantship are advised to complete the application form available at Decisions about graduate assistantship are made on an ongoing basis based on credentials, career goals, and program-area needs.


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