Complaints, Investigations, and Appeals

Georgia College ("GCSU" or "University") is committed to preeminence in an environment dedicated to serve a diverse community, and to promote high levels of student and employee achievement. In line with this commitment, the University addresses all written complaints in a fair, professional, timely manner, and in accordance with established procedures.

If possible, prior to submitting a complaint it is asked that you report through your supervisory chain, which frequently produces the most thorough and timely resolution of a matter, and is encouraged.  Reporting up through your supervisory chain allows for efficient reporting of problems, proper communication, and helps support positive morale. 

All complaints will be processed in line with the appropriate Georgia College & State University policy/process.  Please see our Complaint and Investigation Policy for further information.

General Complaints

If you would like to report issues of suspected fraud, waste, or misconduct, or if you would just like to submit questions, comments, and feedback about areas that could assist Georgia College with institutional effectiveness, please utilize the Ethics and Compliance Reporting Hotline.

If you have knowledge of or believe a member of the Georgia College community has engaged in sexual misconduct that is prohibited by the Sexual Misconduct Policy, a complaint may be filed here.

Students Complaints and Appeals

Please contact the Dean of Students or Office of Student Life with any concerns that may arise during your time as a student at Georgia College, as most issues may be resolved through a conversation with the Office of Student Life.

If your concern rises to the level of complaint, you may report via the link below or any applicable General Complaints avenue. 

Student Complaints

Employees Complaints and Appeals

If the issues you need assistance with involve promoting good workplace behaviors that are respectful, reasonable and responsible, please feel free to contact the Employees Relations Team in the Office of Human Resources.

If you have knowledge of or believe you have experienced discrimination, harassment, or retaliation that is prohibited under the University’s Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy, you may file a complaint via the online complaint portal.  You may also report through the applicable General Complaints avenues.

If you are an employee who believes you have been suspended, discharged, demoted, or your salary has been reduced due to a violation of a Georgia College policy, please see the Employee Grievance process.