Testing Services

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The Testing Center offers various services to those who utilize the center. Whether you are qualified to receive accommodations such as a low distraction testing environment, need to take a proctored exam for a distance learning course through another institution, or would like more information on our scoring practices, read below for more details on our services.

Testing News

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Learning Accommodations Testing - Instructors

(Policies for students scheduling a test with the Testing Center can be found by clicking the "Learning Accommodations Testing - Students" link on this page.)

The Center for Testing provides testing services for students with disabilities who need specific testing accommodations such as extended testing time, low distraction testing environment, and the use of assistive technology. To qualify for these services, students must have been determined eligible by the Student Disability Resource Center. In order to receive further information about the process for accommodating students with disabilities, please contact David Anderson, Director of  the Student Disability Resource Center, at 478-445-5931 in 109 Russell Library.

To request testing services professors should complete the Learning Accommodations Test Summary form and submit it to the Center for Testing. The student must contact the Center for Testing for an appointment within the date range set by the professor.

The test may be sent to the Center for Testing by email, or campus mail, or it may be delivered by the professor/staff or the student in a sealed envelope. The test will be returned to the professor by the method indicated on the accommodations form.

Please have all tests, test summary forms, and testing materials to our office at least 48 hours before the test. 

Tips for filling out the form:

Indicate the length of time you will allow the class to take the test. We will determine the appropriate amount of extended time the student should receive based upon his or her accommodations letter.   
Accommodations allowed for the test must be based on the student's accommodations letter from the director of the Student Disability Resource Center.

Any test materials/resources that all class members are permitted to use during the test, such as notes or calculators, should be indicated. Otherwise students will not be allowed to use such materials on the test.

Learning Accommodations Testing - Students

If you are a student who receives testing accommodations, as approved by the Student Disability Resource Center.

How to Schedule Regular Exams with the Testing Center:

1.  Please submit all testing requests AT LEAST 5 BUSINESS DAYS in advance of the test.  This ensures we have the space and professors have enough time to make preparations. 

2.  Do not schedule any tests more than 4 weeks in advance of the test.

3.  Our hours of operation are 8 am to 5 pm, Monday – Friday.  Please make sure to schedule your start time so that you are finished by 5:00 pm.

4.  If you are unsure of the date a professor may schedule a test, go ahead and schedule it for the day you think it might be.  We can always reschedule if you find it will be a different date, but we cannot schedule you if it is sooner than 5 days.

5.  Rescheduling: If you need to reschedule a test, submit a new Testing Request form and, in the box at the bottom, state that you are rescheduling a test and the date it was previously scheduled for.

How to Schedule FINAL EXAMS with the Testing Center:

***The deadline to schedule finals exams for Fall 2023 is November 27, 2023.***

Please submit all final exam testing requests no later than November 27,2023. This is the last day to schedule and no exceptions will be made. This ensures we have the space and professors have enough time to make preparations. 

  1. If your exam is in the late afternoon or early evenings, please work with your professor to pick an alternate date and time.
  2. If you have more than two finals in one day, or if your accommodations will cause a time conflict, contact your professors to see how they want you to handle this.
  3. The Final Exams schedule can be found at   www.gcsu.edu/registrar.

You may make an appointment with the Testing Center by clicking the Student Accommodations Testing Request Form

Please contact the Testing Center at (478) 445-5016 or 112 Russell Library if you have questions.

Test-Taking Tips and Test Anxiety

Taking tests can often create anxiety in the test-taker.  Below are some test-taking tips as well as information on how to manage test anxiety.

If you have any anxiety about taking tests, there is a great article about managing anxiety on the Brown University website.  It is written by Cecelia Downs and can be accessed here.

You can also click here to read some great test-taking tips.

Also, if you are a GCSU student, check out the Counseling Center's website as they offer help for testing anxiety and other personal issues: www.gcsu.edu/counseling.