Mission & Values

In keeping with Georgia College & State University's mission to provide academically engaging, student-center programs that take learning beyond the traditional classroom, the Department of Government and Sociology has identified key items that will allow it carry out that mission and thereby serve both the students and faculty.

Undergraduate Research
The Department of Government and Sociology at Georgia College is committed to providing high quality research experiences for our students through department curriculum and through the cultivation of mentorships with faculty members.  This research will culminate in products that are disseminated to a larger audience in the form of scholarly presentation, publication, or exhibition, as means to better prepare our students for successful post-college endeavors in either the labor market and/or graduate school.

Public Policy Distinctness
The Georgia College Department of Government and Sociology promotes the development of effective and equitable public policy through multidisciplinary and collaborative approaches in teaching, research and service.  We seek to improve society at all levels by fostering ethical, competent, and democratic leaders and policies. 

Value Statements

Integrative Character 
The fundamental mission of the Department of Government and Sociology is to promote critical reflection and the advancement of knowledge by its faculty and students. The faculty are dedicated to the integrative character of the liberal arts and to the primary role played by the social science disciplines within the liberal arts.

Active Citizenship
The various programs of the department share a focus on challenging students to analyze their roles as active citizens and prospective public servants in a democratic society and the international community.

Prepared for Life
Your professors will strive to teach students to think critically, to understand the philosophical and scientific foundations of the social science disciplines, to be able to communicate their understandings, and to be prepared for life and work in a rapidly changing world.