Sociology B.A.

sociology ba

The sociology program is designed to provide students with a quality liberal arts education that expands on what they have learned in the core curriculum. At the most basic level, the program allows students to develop an understanding of group life and the role of the individual in group life. The program is designed to prepare students for graduate education in a variety of social science fields and/or for entrance into careers in social service systems at various levels and settings.

Students with undergraduate majors in Sociology find employment in a wide variety of areas. Social service agencies especially find a sociology background to be useful. Examples would include family and children services agencies, centers for the mentally and physically disabled, hospitals, nursing homes, probation and correctional systems, vocational rehabilitation facilities, etc. Many private sector employers find the knowledge base and analytical skills developed by sociology majors to be valuable, and persons aspiring to join the ministry find a sociology background helpful for their further study. Many sociology majors pursue graduate study, in fields such as sociology, social work, criminal justice, public administration, business, urban planning, law and others.