Nonprofit Professional Certificate (Undergraduate)

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The Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP) designation is the only national nonprofit management and leadership credential developed with, and recognized by, the nonprofit sector.

The non-profit sector is one of the fastest growing employment opportunities available today. An estimated 50,000 people are needed to fill entry-level positions in the field on an annual basis. Compensation and benefits are becoming more and more competitive with the private sector, and job security is excellent. The national non-profits recognize the need for job enrichment opportunities for their employees and offer many avenues of advancement.

Earning a CNP Certificate

​The Nonprofit Leadership Alliance Certification Program is an innovative, cross-disciplinary course of study that equips college and university students to become skilled professionals and leaders in the non-profit sector. The program is a collaboration between Nonprofit Leadership Alliance, Inc., 75 colleges and universities, and 20 major national non-profit organizations.

Certification Requirements

Nonprofit Leadership Alliance is a certification that accompanies the Bachelor's Degree and is open to any undergraduate student (Graduate students may contact program coordinator to discuss options for some Masters disciplines) interested in a career in non-profit management.  Based on the achievement of core competencies, course work varies depending on a student's major; however, the following classes are required for all Nonprofit Leadership Alliance students:

  • PUAD 3950 Nonprofit Management I (Fall semester)
  • PUAD 3950 Nonprofit Management II (Spring semester)
  • RHET 2210 Small Group Communications or RHET 1110 Fundamentals of Public Speaking
  • ACCT 2000 Introduction to Accounting or comparable on-line course
  • MGMT 3141 Principles of Management or POLS 3338 Principles of Public Administration

Also required:

  • Completion of a 300-hour internship approved by Program coordinator
  • Attendance at one learning conference (annual Elevate or related conference)
  • Participation in the GC Nonprofit Leadership Student Association
  • Completion of an undergraduate degree
  • Completion of 20 service hours

All of these requirements are geared toward allowing students to acquire the competencies which national non-profit organizations say they will need in their future leaders.

Why Nonprofit Leadership Alliance?
  • Scholarships
  • Certification in entry-level non-profit management competencies
  • Tested practices and principles through experiential learning
  • One-to-one support, career development, and mentoring
  • Networking with prospective employers
  • Opportunity to test skills and various non-profit roles through internships, co-curricular, and community service activities
  • Potential for references and referrals from agency executive directors, advisory board members, and community leaders
  • Exposure to national non-profit network of partners and career options
  • Inclusion on resume Web site available to all non-profit agencies.
  • Opportunity to meet other Nonprofit Leadership Alliance students throughout the country

Undergraduate certificates may only be earned and will only be awarded in conjunction with a bachelor's degree.  They will not be awarded as an independent credential.

Program Contact Information

Kelley Ditzel Ph.D.
2-10 Arts & Sciences Building
Department of Government and Sociology
Campus Box 018
Milledgeville, GA 31061
(478) 445-0946