U.S. and GA. Gov't Requirements

U.S. & Georgia Constitution and Government Requirements

"Special Legislative Requirement: Georgia law requires that each candidate for a degree from a University System of Georgia institution demonstrates knowledge of the history and constitution of the United States and Georgia by course work or examination."

Students admitted prior to Fall 2011 who enroll in and pass POLS 1150 (Politics and Society) in Area E Core will satisfy the U.S. and Georgia Constitution requirements set forth by the state legislature.

Students who choose not to take POLS 1150 can meet these requirements in one of two ways:

  • Receiving AP credit or credit from another institution prior to transfer to GCSU
  • Taking the U.S. and Georgia Constitution tests administered by the Testing Center. Students who opt to take the tests instead of POLS 1150 will be required to take the course after three unsuccessful attempts at passing either test.  Students who are registered for POLS 1150 will not be allowed to sign up for the U.S. or Georgia Constitution tests during the semester they are taking the course.

Transfer Students who bring credit for the core American government course for a non-University System of Georgia institution have satisfied the U.S. constitution portion of the requirement but not the Georgia Constitution portion. In these circumstances, a student must pass only the Georgia Constitution test administered by the Testing Center.

To prepare for the U.S. Constitution test, students can check out an American Government textbook.  The textbook is available at the GCSU Library's reference desk.  To prepare for the Georgia Constitution test, students can check out the Georgia Government Study Guide at the GCSU Library's reference desk.

Both books are also available for purchase at Barnes and Nobel at Georgia College Bookstore.  Look for it under POLS 1150.