Sustainability Certificate

The sustainability certificate gives students an additional accreditation, along with their degree, to enter dynamic worlds of commerce, science, social work, and policy that will continue to be developed in the near future as the global environment becomes more prominent on everyone’s agenda.  As we seek to train the engaged citizens of tomorrow, we hope to prepare them for a rapidly changing environment, with economic opportunities based on technologies that don’t exist today, and with an ever stronger commitment to social solutions that do not exclude sub‐groups or sub‐species. This certificate supports the goals of the GCSU Sustainability Council to “encourage the attitudes, choices and habits that support sustainability at the institutional and personal level in the Georgia College & State University community and connect civic responsibility to learning experiences, both inside and outside the classroom through community service, education and outreach.”  

Undergraduate certificates may only be earned and will only be awarded in conjunction with a bachelor's degree.  They will not be awarded as an independent credential.

Please contact Dr. Doug Oetter for more information.