Mathematics B.S.

math student at chalk board

Mathematics Major

Students in the Mathematics program are challenged to think critically and carefully about their studies and to communicate ideas with precision and clarity, working in an environment, which emphasizes the interdisciplinary nature and disciplinary breadth of mathematics. Students achieve skills of logical and analytical thinking, creative problem-solving and quantitative reasoning, the study of mathematics as a cornerstone of a liberal arts education.

The department offers a broad range of courses designed to prepare students for careers or advanced study for those pursuing degrees in mathematics, engineering or mathematics education. For students whose major incorporates a significant mathematical component, e.g., in the physical sciences, economics and education, the department offers a curriculum that meets the special needs of these groups. For all those studying mathematics as part of the general requirements of a broad based liberal arts education, the department offers courses that support the mission of the university and cultivate those skills.

These programs are designed to prepare you to enter a variety of professions requiring a substantial background in mathematics as well as further study at the graduate level in these disciplines. The faculty in the program encourages scholarly activity, which creates a stimulating environment for both students and faculty and enriches teaching and learning.


Teaching Concentration

Students who seek certification to teach mathematics at the secondary level will pursue a baccalaureate degree in mathematics and then the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) with a concentration in mathematics.