Music Education

Music Education

​​Music education at Georgia College & State University is still alive and well. In the past preservice music teachers spent an average of 5 years earning a Bachelor of Music Education degree. Now students can devote those five years to the BA + MAT pathway. A benefit of the break from the traditional BME degree is that people who have earned undergraduate music degrees in any music field from any school can now complete their teacher education training and earn a T-5 GA teacher certificate in our MAT: music education degree program.

Students who complete both the BA and MAT at Georgia College will add the precertification music minor to ensure they fulfill all music education requirements for precertification and the MAT. Students without the precertification music minor will fulfill the certification requirements by taking prerequisite courses in addition to the standard MAT course load.

Undergraduate BA applicants should apply and schedule an early audition for the music program. External MAT applicants should fulfill testing and precertification requirements and then apply.

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