Georgia Film Academy Certificate

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Work in Georgia’s film/TV industry

Georgia College’s Department of Theatre and Dance now offers an 18-credit hour certificate program to train students to be ready for jobs in the film and television industry. The department also works hand-in-hand with the Georgia Film Academy to help students land their first job.


Through the program, you can now join the booming film industry in Georgia, which in fiscal year 2016 had a more than $7 billion economic impact in the state. Georgia ranks third in the nation—only behind Hollywood and New York— for number of productions with more than 245 feature film and television productions shot here.

The Georgia Film Academy is a collaboration of the University System of Georgia and the Technical College System of Georgia created by state leadership to meet education and workforce needs for high demand careers in Georgia’s film and creative industries.

The GFA higher education program offers rigorous professional training, and may lead to union-covered film and television production craft internships and placement in creative industries apprenticeships and jobs.

The GFA is a unique-in-the-nation, state-wide effort which provides you with:

  • Multi-disciplinary training by professionals in the film, TV and new media industries.
  • In classroom course work coupled with on-set, hands-on training.
  • Hands-on instruction and training working with a package of professional equipment (cameras, sound gear, lights, etc.) as well as production trucks, generators and sound studio space.
  • Opportunity to work on “real world” projects in order to develop recognized film credits, through partnerships with professional productions.
  • One-on-one job counseling to include resume preparation, job research and job placement outreach.

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Department of Theatre & Dance

The Georgia College Department of Theatre and Dance not only prepares students for careers in both the professional and educational aspects of the field, but also gives students a personal and hands-on experience that is bar none. Students are challenged through courses and productions that emphasize imagination, passion, discipline and collaboration. 

The department also has a strong focus on engaging the community with the arts. Each season we bring a variety of performances to the stage to evoke emotions, create laughter and provoke the deep thoughts of the audience.

For more information, visit Department of Theatre & Dance.

The Curriculum

The Film Production Certificate consists of 18 hours of academic credit. The first course is 6-credit hours taught on the Georgia College campus. This is an introduction to the skills necessary for employment in the film/TV industry.

The second course is also a 6 credit hour course. It is the on-set internship where students learn and hone their craft while working on the crew of a professional production.  

The Courses

THEA1007- The first course in the certificate program provides an introduction to the skills used in on-set film production, including all forms of narrative media which utilize film industry standard organization structure, professional equipment and on-set procedures. 

THEA2007- (Pre-requisite: THEA 1007) The second course of the certificate program designed specifically to provide students with an internship where they will learn basic level of film production skills, knowledge and experience with film industry standard organizational structure, professional equipment and procedures.


The Film Production Certificate Program at Georgia College is open to any student pursuing a degree at an accredited university in the state. Current Georgia College students can contact their advisor for more information. Students from other universities can learn more about our transient admissions process.

If you do not plan to earn a degree at Georgia College, but simply want to gain a Certificate in the Georgia Film Academy, please go here instead:


Karen Berman, chair Department of Theatre and Dance 478-445-1980 or

Janice Pillay, academic advisor for Art, Liberal Studies, Music, Music Education, Philosophy, Theatre, 478-445-2767 or

Georgia College is working to implement all aspects of the program mentioned above.