Student Technology Fee

STF Lab Replacement (PAF) Revised October 2021
STF FY2018 Budget (PDF)  STF_FY2019 Budget (PDF) STF FY2020 Budget (PDF) STF FY2021 Budget (PDF)

The funds generated by this fee are designated for technology activities that benefit academic outcomes or instructional objectives aimed at student success. Typical expenditures at Georgia College include support for maintaining the computer lab facilities across campus, Library equipment checkout, replacement and expansion of student-used hardware and software, and classroom instructional technologies. As mandated by the University System Board of Regents, this fee is paid by all students enrolled at any University System of Georgia Institution.

For the ITC operating hours and general information, please visit:  Serve Help Desk

Student Technology Fee Advisory Committee (STFAC) meets regularly during the academic year.  Meetings are summarized and available on our minutes page.  If you would like more information on the STFAC, please contact us.

2021-2022 Student Technology Fee Advisory Committee
Student Representatives 
James Roberston - SGA President
Jackson Barr
Austin Brown 
Jared Bryant
Georgia Denny  
Axel Hawkins
Shi Hiers
Gabrielle Holub
Jack Howle
Sarah Michael
Libbie Rawdin

Faculty & Staff Representatives
Chris Greer, Chair
Debbie Greene
Matthew Milnes
Gita Phelps
Edward Whatley

Non-voting Members
Susan Kerr,  CIO | STFAC is advisory to the CIO
Maria Gordon, Secretary/Coordinator
Kell Carpenter
Megan Frazier
Sonny McKenzie

Student Technology Fee Advisory Committee Procedures (PDF)

Grant Process (Select for full details)
Call for the Student Technology Fee Innovation Grants are Issued in the Fall and Spring
Call for Innovation Grants Fall 2021 - ended October 4
Call for Innovation Grants Spring 2022 - ended at 5 p.m. March 11

Special Funding Process (Select for full details)
In accordance with the Student Technology Fee Advisory Committee procedures, the committee may consider special requests for funding and recommend such requests to the CIO.  Requests should follow the Board of Regents Technology Fee Guidelines.

Student Technology Fee Advisory Committee
Chris Greer, Chair
Susan Kerr, Chief Information Officer