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As the Georgia College Cultural Center, we aim to provide support for our underrepresented student populations by offering services, programs and enrichment opportunities that encourage student success. The Cultural Center is a place where students can meet other students of various backgrounds and embrace the diversity that we strive to increase here at Georgia College. We also offer mentorship programs which have been proven as positive factors toward student success at Georgia College. The Cultural Center also provides cultural heritage programming, multicultural resources, consultation and training regarding issues of diversity.


The STAR Ally program advances one of Georgia College's guiding principles of “instilling respect for human diversity and individuality,” by affirming people of all sexual and gender identities. Find out more about STAR Ally Now!

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Programs and Organizations

The Cultural center has many programs and organizations, including the S.O.A.R. mentoring programs, Black student alliance, Latino student alliance, Pride alliance, and many more

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The SOAR Program matches incoming minority students with professional faculty and staff mentors. The SOAR Program offers these students motivation for academic success, guidance in career and major selection, a supportive group of peers and an abundance of additional resources.

Pride Alliance

Pride Alliance was formed to provide an open, diverse, and supportive environment for gay/lesbian/bi-sexual/transgender/straight people on our campus who want to promote tolerance, understanding, and equality at Georgia College.


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