Four-Year Academic Plans

The academic plans are designed to provide a blueprint for students to complete their degrees within four years. These plans are the recommended sequences of courses. Students will work with their Academic Advisor to develop a more individualized plan to complete their degree. Students will follow the academic plan for the year they enter Georgia College. Click the academic year below to view the plans.

Starting in the 2020-2021 Academic Year, academic plans include examples for how students can incorporate transformative experiences as part of their GC Journey. The GC Journeys Program will transform your way of thinking and experiencing college. By participating in five inside and outside the classroom transformative experiences during your time at Georgia College, you will step outside of your usual surroundings, gain authentic experiences, solve problems, become a leader, participate in real-world settings and put ideas into action. Please visit the GC Journeys webpage for additional information.

2023-2024 Academic Year

We are currently loading 2023-2024 Academic Plans. 

2022-2023 Academic Year
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